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Dealing with hypoxia: Regulatory aspects in cells, tissues and organisms

Date: 8 - 12 June 2013
Location: Oulu, Finland
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   Hypoxia can be life threatening – for cells and the organism. To adequately respond to the shortage of oxygen cells have to sense changes in their ambient oxygen concentration. How are changes in a physical parameter, i.e. the pO2, translated into a biological response such as modulation of gene expression?

   The aim of the meeting is to highlight and discuss the latest developments in the broad field of hypoxia response. The TD0901 COST Action formed by European scientists and funded by the European Union started in November 2009 and will end in November 2013. This is the second international congress arranged by the network following the Oxygen 2011 meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

   The program of the Oxygen 2013 meeting will include invited keynote lectures, invited lectures, short talks selected from submitted abstracts and a training school session. All submitted abstracts will be presented as posters.

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